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Digital menu boards are booming these days. The pioneers of this trend are definitely on to something. Here are the top six reasons more and more restaurant owners are upgrading to the convenience and sophistication of digital menu boards


It’s easy to read.

It’s engaging.

It lets you daypart.

It’s fast and easy to update prices.

It’s cheaper than print.

It's easy to market your promotions.

Immerse shoppers in your brand and bring energy back into your stores. Video walls add dynamic flair that can immediately change the tone and atmosphere of your stores. Configurable in any shape or size, video walls give you a digital canvas to craft messages and moods that resonate with your shoppers. Whether you want to create a high impact environment or a calm, relaxed setting, video walls can transport shoppers wherever you want to take them.
Large in size and bold in content, dynamic video walls are hard to miss. They captivate and connect with shoppers. They offer a clear line of sight that draws attention and can increase foot traffic. Backed by 24×7 monitoring, you can be assured that you’re making an impact around the clock.

Information delivered brilliantly

Small and medium-sized retailers often struggle to compete with bigger competitors. Digital signage can be a helping hand in that struggle by offering a platform to grab the attention of potential customers, help drive customer traffic and boost sales.
There are many stunning examples of digital signage that attract and interact with customers in ways that can skyrocket business in record time.

Turn your TV into selling tools

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